Anteckningar härifrån

Notes from Here / Anteckningar härifrån
Göteborgs Konsthall, 2019

Multi-channel video installation, 13:00

Franzén’s film Notes from Here unfolds like a stream of consciousness, in a circular, essayistic narrative. The work is set like a travelogue, connecting places with Atlantic distances between them; memories of a trip to São Paulo become present in places Franzén goes to visit in Gothenburg.
With moving image, text and sound, the work is looking for the workings of language and communication in relation to movement and displacement. Franzén is looking at the displacement of words, their etymology and the hidden layers of history that their original meaning sometimes reveal. The film unfolds as an ongoing intra-action between plants, humans and machines with the lingering questioning of what a ‘true consciousness’ really is.

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