True Colors

Galleri Fabriksg. 48
Gothenburg 2015
In collaboration with Maja Franzén


True Colors examines the way norms and values played a role in the development of color film. With a combination of found images and artifacts of photographic equipment the exhibition draws attention to what choices the color film industry made in the past and the prejudices that was inherent in the production of photographic materials. For decades, color film was better suited to expose light skin and it wasn’t until the 80’s that Kodak tried to change this with a new film stock, launched by the slogan ‘Show your true colors’. Through a loupe the viewer can see photonegative of so called ‘Shirley cards’, a norm reference card depicting a white Western woman, that was used to calibrate skin tones in photos. Sound and images from Kodak’s TV commercials are highly present in the room and the visitor is invited to ‘consume color’ in cups of colored gelatin (Jello), referring to the material of the color layers in film.


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